TLC Building ExteriorTLC’s mission is to provide exceptional evidenced based therapeutic intervention to help each child meet their maximum potential. Our passionate and highly skilled therapists believe in providing quality individualized services that achieve lasting change for the children we serve. We are dedicated to professional excellence within a family-centered atmosphere, built on a foundation of integrity, respect and exceptional care. 

TLC will continue to provide exceptional care to all the families that we serve. TLC will utilize all the latest research, education and tools to improve treatment every day and into the future. 

TLC Staff Photo

The Center for TLC was founded by Occupational Therapy practitioners to offer intensive therapy services not offered by schools or traditional therapeutic establishments.

The Center for TLC is specifically designed to assist children with the opportunity to develop their sensory systems. Care was taken each step of the way with no detail overlooked. The gyms are painted with nature in mind. Greens and Blues are the most calming colors allowing for an optimal state of alertness. Activities are provided that allow the child to challenge themselves at just the right level to help them grow and develop.

We accept most insurance plans. Please contact us to get information on your specific provider.

For current information regarding the Michigan Autism insurance reform please visit the website for Autism Alliance of Michigan at